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The incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use Signage America web interface empowers users to create and schedule “shows” based on any combination of still images and full motion videos.

Easily Create and Edit Shows

Let’s say for example, a sign owner desires to create a signage or advertising “show” for a holiday season special, it would be as simple as assembling a new “show” using the Signage America online software, and then designating what dates and times the schedule is to be displayed, using the intuitive online scheduler.

When the show schedule expires, the software adopts the next scheduled show or default show, automatically!  This suite of tools empowers users with incredible, fine-grained control of what is displayed on their signage, and when it is displayed.

Add image or video slides with the click of a button.

Change slide order and settings with our easy-to-use intuitive flash-based interface.

View live preview of both static and animated slides with our Real View(TM) Technology.


See Your Signs Online

With Signage America’s RealViewTM technology, you can actually watch in the Signage America portal, in real-time, what is actually being displayed on your LED sign or message center!

Take a look at the live view of your signs online from anywhere in the world.

See what everybody else sees.

View the status of your signs, with live feedback from the sign itself.

Manage multiple signs at once.

Account Settings & SubSign

Additional features include the ability to create “sub-signs” from existing physical signs.  This is particularly useful if a sign owner wishes to use part of the sign for one purpose and another part of the sign for another purpose.

Using SubSignTM, a sign owner can literally control portions of their sign as though controlling individual tiles of a mosaic

Configure and manage your signs and sub-signs from an easy to use control panel.

Schedule Shows for Automatic Play

Signage America’s technology represents a major advancement from foreign-designed software packages that have proven themselves unfriendly to users and full of bugs and errors.  We are the first to develop and deploy a practical way to manage electronic real estate remotely.

Effortlessly craft show schedules to automatically play, no maintainance required!

Schedule signs to power on and off, as well as change brightness for different times of the day.

Simple to use color-based scheduling system is easy to use and can be updated from anywhere in the world on the internet!

System gracefully degrades if internet is lost for any portion of time, so your sign is never blank!


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